Monkeying Around

As our little group walks to the start point of the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure course at Glentress, we suddenly stop in our tracks. From somewhere deep within the forest there comes a scream, followed by the unmistakable sound of a zip-wire gathering pace. We look up just in time to see a figure flash through the canopy high above before crossing the void between two hillsides – the mid-point of what is the highest zip-wire in Scotland. We look at each other, grin and hurry to begin our own adventure.

That first experience of Go Ape came not long after this hugely successful venture came to Glentress a couple of summers ago. Since then, it has attracted thousands of people, young and old, all eager to experience an ingenious aerial assault course that offers thrills, spills and chills in equal measure.

A concept that originated in France, Go Ape has taken off here in a big way with 28 sites across the UK, including three in Scotland. Already well-known as a premier mountain bike trail centre, the forest at Glentress offers a perfect venue for such aerial shenanigans. Set either side of a steep-sided valley cloaked in mature trees – including some giant Douglas firs – the course makes full use of the dramatic setting.

Taking roughly two to three hours to complete, the course sees an imaginative mix of zip wires, tricky walkways, rope bridges, Tarzan swings and cargo nets. One obstacle even includes a section of aerial skateboarding, while the finale is the long, fast and VERY high zip-wire crossing witnessed on our own first visit.

And those who pause for breath long enough – or just to gain composure ahead of the next obstacle – can watch as mountain bikers speed along the purpose-built single-track on the ground below.

Perfect for adventurous families, Go Ape is an experience not to be missed in a setting that is hard to beat. Combine it with some mountain biking either here or down the road at Innerleithen, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for an action-packed couple of days.

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